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COVID-19 Restrictions - Continuing club activities

For authoritative and up to date information about the Government's management of the coronavirus pandemic, go to

The Morris Register of Victoria continues to operate for its members with activities and services which are compliant with government restrictions, including those on meetings, social distancing and travel.   

We will be making greater use of electronic media to communicate with members.   We see this as an opportunity to reach out more effectively to our regional, country and overseas members and followers.   Please watch for announcements of our activities and services on this site, in The Newsletter and by email notification.   Join our Facebook group and engage in Morris related discussion with other members.

There has been some uncertainty regarding use of Club Permit registered vehicles under the government's recently published rules about meetings, social distancing and travel.   The Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC), of which the Morris Register of Victoria is a member, has issued two clarifying statements, accessible from these buttons.....   

AOMC COVID-19 Announcement

COVID-19 restrictions 8Apr20